Basic – 12 Week Cycle – You will learn combatives, defensive tactics, and defenses against the most common empty hand attacks such as chokes, headlocks and bear hugs.

Advanced – 24 Week Cycle – You will learn punch combos, Warrior combos, sparring, take downs, knife threat/attack responses, tactical knife, cervical dislocations, apply chokes, defenses against a handgun/rifle/stick from 360°, tactical handgun/rifle/stick, hostage situations, car jacking, abduction drills, multiple attackers and more.

Fight Club – Sparring, grappling, and ground techniques.

Kali Stick & Knife – Filipino art of single blade, double blade, single stick and double stick.

Class Packages

  • Single Class
  • 10 Class Pack
  • 6 Month Unlimited
  • 12 Month Unlimited
  • Monthly Unlimited EFT

*10% discount to military, law enforcement, fire, EMS, college students. For pricing please contact us or come in for your FREE class.