Each class starts out with the basics of combatives, defensive tactics, and defenses against the most common empty hand attacks such as chokes, headlocks and bear hugs. As the class goes on we transition into the more advanced part of Krav with punch combos, warrior combos, sparring, take downs, knife threat/attack responses, tactical knife, cervical dislocations, apply chokes, defenses against a handgun/rifle/stick attack from 360°, tactical handgun/rifle/stick, hostage situations, car jacking, abduction drills, multiple attackers, etc.

You can start Krav Maga at any point in time, each class starts with the basics and you evolve from there. Bring athletic clothes and clean shoes to your first class and see what we are all about.

To find out when our next class is please take a look at our Schedule & Events page.

Class Packages

  • Single Class
  • 10 Class Pack
  • 6 Month Unlimited
  • 12 Month Unlimited
  • Monthly Unlimited EFT

*10% discount to military, law enforcement, fire, EMS, college students. For pricing please contact us or come in for your FREE class.