What does Krav Maga mean?
The literal translation from Hebrew to English is “contact combat” or “close combat”.

What is Krav Maga?
Krav Maga is a military self-defense system developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that consists of a combination of techniques sourced from Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Jujutsu, Aikido, Judo, along with realistic fight training. Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and its extreme efficiency and brutal counter-attacks. Krav Maga has a philosophy emphasizing aggression, and simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers.

How long will it take me to become proficient at Krav Maga?
Krav Maga is a very fast-progressing system. Part of its design was driven by the need to train people very quickly and very efficiently. Consequently, it typically takes a person of average physical ability perhaps only several months before significant progress is achieved and noticeable.

Do you offer classes for women?
Women are welcome at any class. We also have free women self defense seminars 4 times a year.

Do I need previous martial arts experience?
No, in fact we prefer it that way! It is harder to break the bad habits formed in other martial arts.

What should I bring to class?
You should bring comfortable workout clothes, water, CLEAN second pair of shoes and any gear you have. If you don’t have gear that is fine. If you dont bring a second pair of shoes we ask that you take a cleaning wipe and clean them. Water and Gaterade can be purchased on location.

How “fit” do I have to be to do Krav Maga?
You do not need to be “fit” to take Krav Maga. Classes are a great workout and while you are at it you will learn how to survive and protect yourself in a violent encounter.

Do you offer classes for kids?
We allow children that are at least 14 years old with parent’s approval and consent of the chief instructor to participate in class. Understand that the content of Krav Maga is by no means “watered” down and is straight forward. We recommend having a parent join in on the first class.

What does the Krav Maga logo mean?
The Krav Maga logo consists of the letters K and M written in Hebrew, artfully combined to form the symbol of Krav Maga. The K and M are surrounded by an open circle because the system is open to improvement by adding techniques, exercises, and training methods and by eliminating techniques from the system when there is a better approach. Imi Lichtenfeld, the Grand Master of Krav Maga, said of the logo’s open circle: Good things can continue to flow into the system and flawed exercises can flow out.