What Will I Learn?

We train for power, speed, and aggression to overcome and survive violent encounters. This challenges students both physically and mentally and will give them confidence and the ability to deal with violent confrontations.

You will learn to “stop the threat” in the following attacks:

  • Punches
  • Grabs
  • Wrist locks
  • Chokes
  • Head locks
  • Bear hugs
  • Ground survival
  • Domestic abuse
  • Multiple attackers
  • Pistol, revolver, rifle disarms and offensive use
  • Knife defenses/disarms and offensive use (Krav Maga & Kali)
  • Blunt object intervention
  • Abduction prevention
  • Anti-carjacking
  • VIP protection and hostage situation training

Classes contain:

  • Warm Ups – Accelerate your heart rate and increase your breathing.
  • Combatives – Ballistic attacks we use to neutralize a threat.
    • Technical Training To The Air – Develops the proper form and body mechanics so we can maximize our effectiveness.
    • Impact Training To Pads – Develops our power and aggression.
    • Image Training – Helps us correlate between hitting pads and aiming at people.
  • Fatigue Drills – Simulates the energy depletion you will feel in an actual confrontation.
  • Defensive Tactics – Methods we use to deflect, intercept, or evade an oncoming attack.
  • Awareness Drills – Used to develop reflexes and adaption.
  • Knowledge Domains – Concepts and principles relating to self defense.
  • Self Defense – An attack has been initiated to you that puts you in a position of disadvantage.
  • Stress Drills – Acclimates us to the sudden shock of being attacked.