Why Krav Maga?

5 Reasons to choose Krav Maga

You will learn to defend yourself. You will gain valuable street smart self-defense skills with each class you attend. Let’s face it—we live in a world that is not as safe as we would like it to be. Krav Maga teaches you practical, proven techniques against the most common real-life attacks you might face. Even if you are a person of average physical ability, Krav Maga’s simple, effective techniques will take only a few short months of study to help you feel safe and secure in almost any situation.

You will quickly get in the best shape of your life. Need to lose a little weight? No problem! You will actually lose body fat while gaining muscle, so you will look and feel better. You will notice the difference in the way your clothes fit and your overall tone from exercises designed to strengthen the muscles used in self-defense situations. You will increase your endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility. Krav Maga’s training methods and games create a fantastic fitness workout you’ll love. Your ability to keep an increased heart rate will improve; you will breathe better; you will sleep better; you will even feel an increase in energy all day long. Start at any level of physical fitness and quickly work your way into your best shape ever.

You will significantly reduce your stress. You will quickly overcome the anxiety and fear of high stress situations. Krav Maga has special training drills designed to help you function under stress, shock, and the adrenal rush of a sudden encounter. You will learn to assert yourself as you are encouraged to break through your limits. The internal “toughness” you develop during these drills will help you avoid the need for a physical confrontation altogether. More importantly, the internal “toughness” you develop will help you deal with all of life’s challenges much more effectively. Krav Maga is a real high energy workout and stress reliever.

You will build your confidence. Krav Maga builds upon your own natural reactions, so it’s easy to learn. Your self confidence will soar as you constantly add new techniques to your arsenal. Our students tell us that Krav Maga gives them a positive attitude and makes them feel good about themselves. Our experienced trainers know exactly how to keep you motivated to achieve your self-defense and fitness goals, so you will return home from each class with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

You will be on the cutting edge of fitness. Krav Maga is one of the fastest growing martial arts systems in the world today. Already in use by the FBI, NYPD, and the U.S. Secret Service, Krav Maga is sweeping the nation. Even celebrities are getting into the act. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Lucy Liu, James Gandolfini, Cameron Diaz, and Patrick Swayze are just a few of the people combining a great workout with practical self defense training. And since you can mix the days and times you train, you can fit it in to your busy schedule. No complicated rituals, no crazy outfits, no nonsense, just state-of-the-art fitness and self-defense training.